Migrant Student Services

Our Stories

Throughout the years, CAMP students have impacted the world through their involvement at the Michigan State University. They have excelled to display their leadership and life experience on these public links.

-2014 Felipe Lopez Sustaita, MSU PhD CAMP Scholar- featured on MSU Social Science Alumni Magazine Social Science Alumnus and CAMP Program Scholar earns PhD

-2014 Denise Cruz, MSU CAMP Scholar- featured on a NBC Nightly News Intern Goes From Sugar Beet Fields to the White House

-2013 Issac Anguiano, MSU CAMP Scholar – featured in MSU Inside Out

-2013 CAMP Scholars Documentary – featured by the CAMP Scholars and their Supporters A Journey from Field to Careers

-2012 International Engagement to Mexico and MSU CAMP – featured by Big Ten Network MSU/Mexicio: New Initiative

-2012 Joanna Mendoza, MSU CAMP scholar- featured by MSU Museum MASK: Secrets and Revelations

-2011 Lilian Gutierrez, MSU CAMP Scholar Graduate Student- featured on Diversity and Inclusion Lilian Gutierrez

-2010 Ana Villanueva, MSU CAMP Scholar –featured on NBC Dateline America Now: Children of the Harvest Part 4

-Annual Spring Break International Engagement to Mexico- featured by IEV