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Puebla, Mexico


International Engagement in Mexico

 Site leader application now open: IEM-2014-2015-Site-Leader-Application

International Engagement in Mexico (IEM) is a unique study abroad program designed to provide undergraduate students the opportunity to become exposed to selected MSU global competencies through international engagement and academic study. Migrant Student Services in partnership with the Department of Community and Sustainability provides  a 3 credit course

In preparation for this International Engagement experience four pre-trip class meetings are held addressing: 1) Leisure benefits and Volunteerism; 2) Civic engagement and community leadership; 3) Cross-cultural issues and behavior, for the preparations to provide services to various sites/agencies in Mexico.

During the week of service/engagement in Mexico evening class meetings utilize reflective discussions to examine student service/engagement experiences linked to course topics. A Post-trip class meeting is scheduled to provide a capstone reflections and preparation for writing the final reflective paper. In the context of MSU’s six Liberal Learning outcomes, MSU defines a global-ready citizen as someone with the following knowledge, attitudes, and skills.

Each CAMP Scholar is required to participate in the International Engagement in Mexico (IEM), through the Office of Study Abroad that takes place in each of the four cities in Mexico.

(1) PUEBLA, (2) MERIDA, (3) CAMPECHE and (4) OAXACA. This 3 credit, academic experience, has been a tradition for over 10 years at MSU. 

Due to traveling abroad it is necessary for students to have a traveling passport, and/or other travel documents necessary.

Engagement Focus

Students, faculty and staff work closely with social service agencies and staff to assist with needed maintenance projects and contribute to resident program activities, providing necessary human service support to families, children and senior citizens. Through their work students develop a personal connection to those who they are serving as well as the communities in which they are living.

Program Structure

International Engagement in Mexico: Spring Study Abroad Program is a collaborative initiative involving several units on campus and external partners: Internationalizing the Student Experience Program, Migrant Student Services, Department of Community of Sustainability, Office of Study Abroad and the Office of Mexican Consulate.

Schedule of Classes

There are four 2 hour pre-trip meetings on campus which are held on Sunday evenings, along with group reflection sessions, and two post-trip reflection meetings.