Migrant Student Services

Susan Chalgian

Administrative Assistant
Migrant Student Services, Michigan State University


Susan Chalgian
Administration Assistant

Office:                     C- 249  Holden Hall


Email:                        chalgia1@msu.edu

Susan Chalgian has enjoyed playing a significant role in Migrant Student Services’ overall program development and communication networking. She has worked with this office since CAMP received its first, 5-year grant in fall 2000. Her administrative support has evolved as programs and initiatives have been added and carried out. Susan served a major role in assisting CAMP students with Financial Aid issues. She actively supports HEP/CAMP students interested in Haitian culture.

Susan has a B.A. in Spanish Literature and Art History; has taken a variety of courses since in computer graphics, accounting, Spanish and education. She has traveled across the U.S., Mexico and Spain multiple times for pleasure, professionally, and for Spanish language programs. Susan brings a passion for education to her position.

That passion and her dedication in raising her 3 daughters demonstrates her belief and faith in education. All three have earned post-graduate degrees; with one having just sworn into the Michigan Bar.  All three follow their mother’s passion by pursuing self-sustainable independence and developing careers that service others and our communities. Currently Susan chairs the Trowbridge Business Association in East Lansing. Susan also enjoys friends, reading, culture/art, outdoors and generally being active.