Aleida Martinez

NSMI Associate Director

Office: C- 241 Holden Hall




Aleida Martinez was born and raised into a Migrant household. She was migrating to Minnesota alongside her family since she was one year old. She started working in agriculture when she was 11 years old and did not stop until after her first year of college at Michigan State University. Aleida is an MSU CAMP and Michigan State University Alumnae with a Bachelor’s degree in Interdisciplinary Studies in Human Resources and Specialization in Chicano/Latino Studies with a minor in Sociology. She previously worked as the Michigan State University College Assistance Migrant Program Student Services Coordinator. After four years of serving CAMP scholars on a transitional level she is now the Associate Director for the National Migrant Scholars Internship Initiative, where she has the privilege of impacting CAMP students on a different level. “This is the dream job I never knew I wanted” Aleida says as she genuinely enjoys being able to provide experiential learning opportunities to ALL CAMP participants nationwide.