Elias Lopez

CAMP Associate Director

Office: C-249 Holden Hall


Email: lopezel1@msu.edu

Luis Garcia

Elias grew up in both the Rio Grande Valley located in south Texas and Michigan as his parents migrated year after year.  As far back as he can remember he has always been a part of the migrant stream which allowed him to participate in the migrant education programs in both Texas and Michigan. 

By the time Elias reached 12th grade he was given the option to drop out of high school because he did not have enough academic credits to meet his graduation requirements. Thanks to one of his Spanish teachers who was willing to go out of her way he was able to make up enough credits to meet the graduation requirement for one of the Texas schools that he attended.  With no aspirations to continue higher education Elias went on to do what he knew.  He once again migrated to work full time for Zelenka’s Nursery in Holland, MI and continue the migrant way of life just as his parents.  Thanks to a disagreement with his supervisor Elias had the opportunity to meet a recruiter from the Michigan State University’s CAMP program which changed his life forever.  Elias was a participant of the first CAMP cohort in 2001.  He graduated from Michigan State University in 2006 and he is in the process of completing his master’s in Higher, Adult, Lifelong Education, Administration.