Jessica Oyoque

CAMP Student Advisor

Office: C- 247 Holden Hall



Luis Garcia

As a graduate student at MSU, Jessica was a College Transition Advisor (CTA), formerly known as “IEP or Graduate Assistant” with the College Assistance Migrant Program for about a year and half. Halfway during her second year as a CTA, Jessica served as interim to the CAMP Student Services Coordinator role until May. Jessica has now been assigned to serve as the current Student Services Coordinator for the CAMP initiative. Throughout her second year in Graduate School, Jessica also interned with the MSU Chance at Childhood Legal Clinic, where she conducted custody & guardianship investigations, as well as, provide other family resources. She has stated that this experience has reinforced her passion to work with people and provide vulnerable populations the access to assistance & resources. Her interest, in addition to working with college students, is to pursue a career in Child Welfare, Advocacy, and Social Support organizations.

She has mentioned that she “thoroughly enjoy social interactions with students ,peers, and colleagues” and that through professional experiences like internships, student work positions, and campus involvement, it expanded her mind and provided her the confidence to continue in higher education. Her interactions with students is why she loves what she does.