The National Migrant Scholars Internship


To support the College Assistance Migrant Program (CAMP) students nationwide to make internship opportunities possible 


To encourage and support CAMP students in finding experiential learning opportunities that will prepare them for future careers 


To increase the representation of a diverse labor force in the United States 


What is NMSI? 

The National Migrant Scholars Internship Initiative advocates for adaptive hiring practices that support Migrant Seasonal Farm Worker (MSFW) students who have participated in CAMP. NMSI facilitates the connection between students and employers and provides a pool of student candidates to employers. Additionally, NMSI identifies potential financial burdens that students may encounter during their internship and develops an Employer Agreement that directly supports the student. 

The National Migrant Scholars Internship Initiative supports three main components of an internship:  Financial Support, Experiential Learning, and Professional Development.  

To learn more:  What is NMSI? (video) 

NMSI is proudly sponsored by CoBANK, National HEP/CAMP Association, Michigan State University and operated by the Migrant Student Services at Michigan State University.