MSU HEP students are admitted for Fall (September) & Spring (January) admissions. Our program of recruitment continues through the entire calendar year, however, early application is strongly encouraged as space is limited.


Eligibility requirements for the HEP program at Michigan State University

(1) 17 years old or beyond the state’s compulsory age?

(2) Not enrolled in school.

(3) Not have a high school diploma or equivalent.

(4) Must take and pass and admissions pre test.

(5) A person, or his or her immediate family member, must have spent a minimum of 75 days during the past 24 months as a migrant or seasonal farmworker; or

(6) The person must have participated in Title I – Migrant Education Program; or

(7) The person must qualify or be a participant of National Farm worker Jobs Training Programs-

  • Workforce Investment Act Section (WIA167)-Telamon Corporation Program.

(8) Immediate family member means one or more of the following:

  • A spouse.

  • A parent, step-parent, adoptive parent, foster parent, or anyone with guardianship.

  • Any person who–

  • Claims the individual as a dependent on a Federal income tax return for either of the previous two years, or

  • (B) Resides in the same household as the individual, supports that individual financially, and is a relative of that individual.

(9) Seasonal farmworker

  • Means a person who, within the past 24 months, was employed for at least 75 days in farmwork, and whose primary employment was in farmwork on a temporary or seasonal basis (that is, not a constant year-round activity).

(10) Migrant farmworker;

  • Means a seasonal farm-worker whose employment required travel that precluded the farmworker from returning to his or her domicile (permanent place of residence) within the same day.

  • Farm work means any agricultural activity, performed for either wages or personal subsistence, on a farm, ranch, or similar establishment.

(*) Agricultural production activity means:

  • Any activity directly related to the production of crops, dairy products, poultry, or livestock; such as farms, ranches, dairies, orchards, nurseries, and greenhouses engaged in the production of crops, plants, or Vines.

  • The keeping, grazing, or feeding of livestock or livestock products for sale.

  • The term also includes the production of bulbs, flower seeds, vegetable seeds, and specialty operations such as sod farms, mushroom cellars, and cranberry bogs

  • Any activity directly related to the cultivation or harvesting of trees; or

  • Any activity directly related to fish farms.

(11) Complete a MSU HEP Verification of Migrant or Seasonal/Farm worker form (see attached).

(12) Processing does not qualify for MSU HEP. However, if the person is eligible under the Migrant Education Program or WIA 167. Then the person is eligible for the HEP program.

(13) Agricultural processing activity means:

  • Cooking, baking, curing, heating, drying, mixing, grinding, churning, separating, extracting, slaughtering, cutting, fermenting, distilling, eviscerating, preserving, dehydrating, freezing, chilling, packaging, canning, jarring, or otherwise enclosing food in a container.

For eligibility questions contact: Miguel Torres Recruitment Coordinator at or 517-256-6446.