Application Process

Each applicant must complete the followings requirements:

  1. MSU CAMP Employment Verification (COE) (PDF)
  2. Complete MSU application for undergraduate admission*
  3. Complete FAFSA form
  4. Submit copy of traveling passport. (If you do not yet have a passport please inform us of passport status)

Please understand that each student’s financial aid package may include federal grants, MSU student aid grants, and work study. MSU CAMP Staff and a MSU Financial Aid Officer will determine each student’s financial aid package that will supplement the federal financial aid award.

***Please understand that students are NOT guaranteed a full scholarship through MSU CAMP.***

Please submit documents by mail or via fax to:

Leonel Ornelas
Michigan State University - MSU CAMP Recruitment Coordinator
234 Wilson Rd., Room C249
East Lansing, MI 48825
Office: (517) 432-9982
Cell Phone: (517) 977-6227
Fax: (517) 432-9901

The recruiter and staff are available to help potential students through the application process and answer any questions regarding any aspect of our MSU CAMP program.