CAMP Ambassadors

                                CAMP ambassadors

The College Assistance Migrant Program Ambassador position is designed to mentor and guide first year CAMP Scholars to a smooth transition to college during their first year at Michigan State University. CAMP Ambassadors will serve as mentors that will provide support, mentorship, and demonstrate the ability to advocate for first year CAMP Scholars. CAMP Ambassadors will have the opportunity to gain leadership skills, personal and professional growth in addition to educational success. CAMP Ambassadors will establish a network filled with resources and community support that will impact first year CAMP Scholars. 

Richard Carbajal

Richard Carbajal

  • Major: Civil Engineering
  • Year: 2nd year
  • Hometown: Fremont, MI
  • Hobbies: Soccer and watching movies
  • Favorite CAMP memory: My favorite memory is when I pied Leonel Ornelas in the face during a IEM fundraiser.
Alondra Torres

Alondra Torres

  • Major/minor: Kinesiology with a minor in Spanish
  • 2nd year
  • Hometown: Lake Placid, Florida
  • Hobbies: Playing soccer & traveling
  • Favorite CAMP memory: My favorite CAMP memory was getting an internship shadowing doctors at McLaren hospital and going on a study abroad trip to Oaxaca, Mexico.
Juan Vazquez-Hernandez

Juan Vazquez

  • Major: Social Work
  • 2nd year
  • Hometown is Mulberry, Florida
  • Hobbies include: Running, volunteering and reading.
  • Favorite CAMP memory: My favorite memory in my first year with CAMP has to be the study abroad to Merida. It was an enlightening and inspirational experience that really helped me connect with students and people with diverse backgrounds. It also helped my self-identity grow stronger.


Alexandra Rocha
Alexandra Rocha 
  • Major: Construction Management 
  • 2nd year
  • Hometown: Weslaco, Tx
  • Hobbies: Listening to music, hanging with friends and working. 
  • Favorite CAMP memory: My favorite camp memory that I can think of is when we went tubing in the spring semester with some friends and I got stuck in one of the tubes.